Remembering Christmas Past…

The Christmas season is filled with many sights, smells and sounds that evoke magical memories of Christmas past.  As we celebrate this first Christmas with Dad watching from above, I reflect on a few of those memories represented by the pictures below.  Dad, an out island boy with a humble upbringing, clearly demonstrated to us at Christmas time that it was more blessed to give than to receive…a reflection of his heavenly Father who gave us the perfect gift of salvation.  O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!

Dad, Mom, Paula and Paul
Left to right…
Back row – Paul, Leroy, Paula
Middle row – Mama, Dad, Mom
Front row – Jonathan, Evan
mom0006 - Copy
Christmas banquet at a Bahamian hotel
Christmas suits were a tradition (Evan)
Bicycles! always a favorite
Jonathan and Evan (left to right)
Gifts came from family and friends in
Spanish Wells
Celebrating with nieces
Jonathan, Chantal, Evan, Sophia (left to right)
Always a treat to have Mama stop by! (poinsettias were amazing too)
Family portrait time
(Left to right)
Back row – Paul, Sherry, Evan, Jonathan, Chantal, Paula, Leroy
Front row – Sophia, Jason, Dad, Mom, Jessica
A special couple
Dinner with the extended family
Clockwise – Mom, Leroy, Paula, Shirley & Don Phillips, Betty & Walter Higgs, Dad
Christmas 2012 - our last one with Dad.  He was ready to see his heavenly Father.
Christmas 2012 with some of the grandchildren – our last Christmas with Dad.
(Left to right)
Back row – Rhys, Griffin, Bronwyn, Dylan
Front row – Wes, Dad, Mom, Gwyneth

5 thoughts on “Remembering Christmas Past…

  1. Evan, thank you for the pictorial story. My eyes moistened with the evident beauty of love shared. Blessed we are to have generations of fathers who demonstrated God’s love in an abundant, forever supply. Joy Lowe Jossi

  2. Evan,
    What a wonderful tribute to your dad. He was a great man, who left a great legacy to all his children. You are doing the same thing, passing on to your children values, memories, and a Godly heritage. God bless you all, and Merry Christmas to the Lowe family, all of you!

  3. Loved reading this and seeing the wonderful pictures. Still can’t believe this will be the first Christmas without him here. And yes, Grandaddy thought more of giving gifts than getting them. I remember him saying that he was lucky to get an apple or orange for Christmas sometimes, and he thought that was special. I would loved to have spent a day back in his boyhood times.

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