Emma Louise Curry

Y2K…who can forget the anticipation of watching the calendar roll forward to the year 2000?  Now rewind the clock back 100 years to find Pa Wes with an “expecting” Ma Lilla perched on the porch of their Green Turtle Cay cottage, pondering a similar anticipation while ushering in the New Year 1900.

The oldest child, Dora, blossoming into a beautiful, fifteen year-old teenager, instinctively helped her expectant mother with younger siblings, Herman and Edie, 9 and 5, respectively.  As August rolled around closing out another hot island summer, this Curry family welcomed a new addition, Emma Louise.

Emma Curry Birth Record 2

At age seventeen, Aunt Emmie married widower Thomas Hutchings Pinder, son of mariner, John Frederick Pinder and Euphemia Russell.  Thomas and Emma raised three children along the shores of Green Turtle Cay.  In 1935, Thomas passed away, leaving a young widow, who with her three children, left the Cay and settled on Shirley Street just outside the city of Nassau.  New neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. G. Basil Lowe (Dad’s future in-laws) welcomed this widow and her family.

Aunt Emmie was special to Dad, who recalled her as having “a sweet personality” evidenced by her love and hospitality displayed while Dad transitioned from the Cay to the city life in Nassau. Dad boarded with Aunt Emmie when Pa Wes was transported to Nassau for medical treatment.  During this difficult period of watching an ailing and weakening grandfather leave this world, these Green Turtle Cay cousins bonded even closer.

Emmie’s youngest daughter, Ruth, the closest to Dad in age and disposition, stayed in contact with Dad even after she moved to the United States.  I remember as a teenager, Ruth mailed several pictures of Curry relatives to Dad.  The most cherished and treasured picture be being the only known picture of our Curry patriarch, Pa Wes.

George (King) Pinder and Dad
Aunt Emmie’s son, George and Dad. Photo taken in 1941.

No surprise that Emmie would find love again from a widower, Lockhart Moree, son of Joseph and Adelaide Moree with roots in Long Island, Bahamas.

Emmie and Lockhart Moree
Lockhart and Emmie Moree. Photo taken in 1942
Aunt Emmie
Aunt Emmie holding her granddaughter while her grandson peers through the window.
Mom, Ruth & Julius Tedder, Emmaline Curry
Cousins at a beach in Key West. Aunt Emmie (in the chair) with daughter Ruth (center) and husband Julius Tedder and their two children. To the far right is my Mom with her oldest child asleep on the blanket. Photo taken by Dad in 1952.
Aunt Emmie holding my sister. Her smile – the true essence of her personality.

On May 1, 1958, cancer took the life of Aunt Emmie at the young age of 57.  In recent years (thanks to the internet), I’ve been able to locate and connect with only one of her descendants, a grandson who now lives a few hours away…time for a road trip.  As second cousins, we must keep the legacy alive.

Emmie-Death Register

First cousins – Dad and Aunt Emmie’s youngest daughter, Ruth.

7 thoughts on “Emma Louise Curry

  1. Sweet story, Evan. Looks like some of her relatives settled in Key West. ‘Loved the picture of their picnic, thanks for sharing!

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  2. I can see Aunt Emmie, in my mind’s eye, in Nassau. As usual, Evan, a beautiful remembrance. Thank you.

  3. George is my grandfather. My mom (George’s daughter) recognized him in the picture. Thank you for writing this up so well. We have been trying to find info on George’s family and had been reaching a lot of dead ends since George changed his name.

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