Cousin Helen

Late last Tuesday, October 30th, 2018, an unseen heavenly angel escorted cousin Helen Pinder to her eternal home.   Her body’s chains of cancer pain are gone.  Helen’s spirit set free.  Her welcome celebration above ensued as this ransomed saint met her Savior.  Unending Love, Amazing Grace.

Helen and I share the same set of Abaconian great-great-grandparents, Richard James Lowe, Jr and his wife Susan Bianca Key.  While the pool of cousins can seem like an endless ocean, one like Helen Pinder stands tall on the shoreline as a beacon of strength, beauty and grace.  Her Savior’s Light and Love radiates through her to guide and encourage all who pass by.  


With permission from the family and in loving memory of Helen Grace Pinder, the program from her Memorial Service this past Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 is presented below.

Helen Pinder pro_Page_01

Helen Pinder pro_Page_02

Helen Pinder pro_Page_04

Helen Pinder pro_Page_05

Helen Pinder pro_Page_06

Helen Pinder pro_Page_07

Helen Pinder pro_Page_08

Helen Pinder pro_Page_09

Helen Pinder pro_Page_10

Helen Pinder pro_Page_11

Helen Pinder pro_Page_12

Helen Pinder pro_Page_13


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Helen Pinder pro_Page_40

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