Calling All Kinfolks

William Curry Harllee’s 1935 Kinfolks trilogy has been a treasured resource for generations.  In Volume II, Harllee traces the Curry and Kemp families throughout the Bahamas and Key West.  Marriages weave in other Bahamian surnames including Lowe, Russell, Saunders, Sawyer and Thompson to name a few.

In 1998 with permission from Harllee’s son, a special reprint of Volume II was pioneered by Joy Lowe Jossi.  This comprehensive resource highlights the antecedents, descendants and collateral relatives of (1) Benjamin and Mary Curry and (2) Samuel and Amelia (Russell) Kemp.  The front cover artwork was contributed by Alton Roland Lowe.

If you would like to own one of these national treasures, please consider a gift (link below) to benefit the repair and restoration of the Albert Lowe Museum.  Known as the first historic museum in the Bahamas, the Albert Lowe Museum resides on the quaint island of Green Turtle Cay.  The museum is comprised of  two of Abaco’s oldest structures.  Although the buildings survived Dorian’s wrath, they were severely damaged.  See photographs below (courtesy of Amanda Diedrick).

Photo Oct 18, 5 56 09 PM

Photo Oct 18, 5 56 59 PM

With a minimum gift of $125 to the Albert Lowe Museum Restoration Project, you will receive a FREE unopened copy of this special edition of Kinfolks (U.S shipping addresses only). 

Limited supply – orders are on a first come, first serve basis

Click Here To Give


Before Dorian…


After Dorian…

One thought on “Calling All Kinfolks

  1. daughter of Maurice and Carmen Thompson, proprietor and owners of Thompsons Yachtel on Green Turtle Cay 1950’s, I spent my first two years of my life on this island paradise. @Look magazine did an article (I have photos) they served wild boar and turtle pie, pastry thanks to my French mother. They also resided on their ship the Alma. I endeavor to write proudly about my fantastic Abaco heritage

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