Smoke signals

In 1901, young Wilbur GLADSTONE Lowe and tied the knot with his Cherokee Sound bride, Ellen Jane Sawyer.  Known to all as ‘Mr. Gladstone’, he is one of many great-great-grandsons of Green Turtle Cay’s patriarch Captain Gideon Lowe and wife Nancy Saunders.

A skilled carpenter, Gladstone helped construct the first Gospel Hall church on Green Turtle Cay, Abaco.   Their union produced three wonderful children – Ashbourne (1902-1986), Susan Annis (1906-1980), and Roger (1914-2000).

Wilbur Gladstone Lowe

In 1942, fifteen years after her first husband’s death, my paternal grandmother Bessie Curry Lowe married eldest son Ashbourne Lowe.  Like their father, Grandpa Ashbourne and his younger brother Roger were skilled carpenters.  Uncle Roger was both a shipwright and a home builder.

Ashbourne Working

Uncle Roger Lowe with the dog on his lap.  Grandpa Ashbourne Lowe to his right. 

In 1925, Gladstone’s daughter Susan Annis married Cherokee Sound resident George Stanley Bethel.   In 1933, youngest son Roger married Annie Vernell ‘Nell’ Pinder from Green Turtle Cay.


Susan Annis Lowe (1906-1980) and George Stanley Bethel (1902-1992)

03-21 Roger Lowe copy

Roger Lowe (1914-2000) and Annie Vernell Pinder (1914-2000)

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