About the author…

I am a native Bahamian with a passion for genealogy.  I am enjoying collecting and sharing photographs of our Bahamian ancestors and their descendants, who have now scattered across the globe. 

My family roots have been in the Bahamas for over two hundred years and include surnames of early settlers such as Lowe, Curry, Griffin, Saunders, Albury, Key and Malone.  My dad was born in Green Turtle Cay, Abaco and my mom in Nassau, New Providence.  My maternal grandmother was born in Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera.

If you have photos and stories that you would like me to share, please email me at evandona@yahoo.com


23 thoughts on “About the author…

  1. We are 610 (County of Chester) Squadron Association and noticed the item about Warren Lightbourn on your excellent website. Warren flew with this squadron during the war. We have further information about him if you are interested and would like some information from you in return.

  2. I am the youngest daughter of Rev. Erenie Hudson of Marsh Harbour ( I don’t know if she is familiar to your family.)
    Your photos add real beauty to the stories I’ve heard all my life. Thank You!
    Tammy Enid

  3. Hi! I am loving your blog, truly. So beautiful. And I keep seeing a few names and places that might match some of my family tree. Do you have an email address? I would love to chat and see if you had any information on some of the missing pieces in my tree. My Grandfather was Charles Lloyd Lowe of Hope Town. His father was John Rogers Lowe of the same.

  4. Hi!
    I’m really enjoying your blog as well, it’s so interesting to learn about your relatives. My grandfather was Curtis Lowe from Green Turtle Cay. I remember Uncle Johnny & Aunt Margie so well! They would visit my grand parents and parents when I was growing up in Miami.
    I look forward to seeing more of your postings.

    Linda Lowe Hariouk

  5. I enjoyed your artictle about The Mauras. I am the daughter of John Maura. Please notify me of any future article. Thank you

    1. Jane
      I too was interested in the article about the Mauras. I knew John very well and my wife Jilly was his PA in about 1967. After we came back to England John (and Janet) used to visit us in Stamford when they came to London for a few months each year. I would be very interested to chat to you about these things. I worked with Peat Marwick on Shirley Street for 3 years and then Freeport for some time.
      I have just received this Out Island Boy blog and had the one as you did about Maura Lumber history.

  6. I came across this article on the Lowe family. My Great Grandmother is Gladys Mae Lowe, daughter of Irving Lowe. We stem back to Gideon!

  7. I just discovered your blog and it’s great! Gideon Lowe is my 5th Great Grand Father and am enjoying discovering my heritage. This blog is a great find!

  8. I was looking at your June 19th entry following some research – I have Lowe and Curry ancestors also – and thought “Wouldn’t it be interesting if one of my relatives was listed on this page of births from 1890?” And so one was! Female born to Allan Curry and Olivia Lowe Curry – April 20th 1890. Her name was Lula!

  9. I enjoyed your cite. I particularly enjoyed your article on the Thompson brothers. I am an avid genealogist. My great grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Thomas Treason Thompson, and granddaughter of Old Keg Thompson. Thomas Treason Thompson immigrated to Key West in the early 1880s with his wife and children. Sarah married Whitmore Johnson Gardner, who later became a chief of police in Key West. Their daughter and my grandmother, Florence, grew up in Key West. I have never been to either Key West or Bahamas, but hope to come some day.

  10. Great reading your blog posted on 29 March 2016. It was sent to me by Montague Maura. Don Juan Maura was my 3rd great grandfather. I have done research on the Maura’s over many years working with June (late), Montague, Michael, and Valentine Maura’s. I would like your permission to reprint the Maura portion of your blog in our Family Matters Newsletter’s next edition. Which comes out 14 January 2017. I live in South Holland, Illinois USA. My email: pdholmes333@att.net

  11. Really great work … my wife’s family comes from that neck of the woods in the Bahamas (my mother in law is half Conch) and your line crosses with my wife’s line several times, which I know isn’t surprising.

  12. Love your blog!! You are doing what I dream of doing, writing about our ancestors. Yes, ‘our’ ancestors, as we share the same lines. Love your posts and the information about Green Turtle Cay. I found you through Amanda.

  13. love your articles. my mother was born on green turtle cay, 1911. her father winer henry bethell. her mother spero elizabeth roberts. not the same as spero roberts. my great uncle jabes lowe married my mother,s aunt mary bethell. i will always remember them. also, my aunt julia, her sister. we used to visit them in key west. i was born in miami. my brother and i with our spouses, also took that cruise and loved it. went back to visit a number of times. any updates on aftermath of hurricane? please continue to share. thanks so much, patricia laborda.

    1. Thank you! There’s also a FaceBook Group that you can join to see more frequent posts and photos of our common ancestors. It is called Out Island Boy as well. Do you have any photos of your family that you mention above? Feel free to email them to me at evandona@yahoo.com. and I’ll make sure to memorialize them on the FB Group. Have a great day!

  14. Hi there! I was just mucking about for my family tree, Griffin. We share common names in the lineage from Governor’s Harbour. Back from the 1730’s. Always love to connect with distant relatives of the sort. As well, your writing is brilliant, thank you for it.

  15. You’re a great storyteller and your photos are visually satisfying especially the nature ones! I love Bahamian History and loved the articles about John Lowe. In my spare time, I’ll return to read more!

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