Remember These Shores – Part 2

Green Turtle Cay’s natural beauty is simply breathtaking.  As I stepped on to the Cay in July, I marveled at her natural artistry.  Did this allurement persuade my Lowe and Curry forefathers to call it home?  I imagined their simple lifestyle surrounded by this vast beauty.  Picture their daily survival on rocky land and abundant sea provisions.   Our family’s week stay on the Cay gave me the opportunity to explore paths my ancestors forged.  I swam in the crystal blue waters where they fished and gathered nature’s healthy bounty for dinner.  I gazed into the morning sunrise on the eastern horizon of the Cay.



My amateur photos are a mere teaser as the Cay’s true beauty is best seen first hand.  Hues of blue surround white sandy beaches and limestone formations – the trademark of the Bahamian archipelago.





As I walked the narrow streets of New Plymouth settlement built on the water’s edge, I note a maritime community that survived on what the sea offers.  Unassuming docks provided a place to tie your vessel after the day’s venture.  Handmade sailboats by skilled shipwrights gave transportation to the Abaco mainland or to other nearby cays to harvest fruits and vegetables from family farm plots.





Flower and fauna add splashes of color to the Cay’s rustic canvas.  Seagrapes, bougainvillea, and pink hibiscus adorn the scene of these old New England style cottages. Wild roosters, hens and baby chicks find refuge amidst the dense foliage.  The sea offers its own unique array of life.  Whelks harvested from rocks along island shores provide a delicious high protein stew.








IMG_6437 untitled


Next month’s blog post will conclude the Remember These Shores articles.  I will highlight Green Turtle Cay’s finest feature.  Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Remember These Shores – Part 2

  1. Oh my, these pictures are wonderful! As fantastic as they are, you’re right in saying they don’t do it justice. There is no way to experience the intricate beauty–except to be there in person. The water, sand, flowers, sea life, etc. have always been a springboard for us to praise God for His awesome and complex creation. Thanks for sharing so many layers of the beauty and history of the Bahamas through your posts!

      1. I am so excited I came across your blog. We will be visiting Abaco in 2 weeks. I have roots in Abaco,
        GGGrandparents were born in Green Turtle Cay and others in ELeut. and Hope Town. First time to Abaco. Now I know why I enjoy sun, surf and sand so much. I was born and raise in Orlando but my parents in Miami and my grandfather on my dad’s side in KW and then from the islands!

  2. Beautiful! I think I may be a distant relative – ancestors Olivia Lowe Curry and Allen Curry. Have recently been considering a trip to Green Turtle Cay – beautiful!

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